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About a year ago, I had in mind to create an adventure game in the vein of the original Space Quest games, SQ1-3. I searched around everywhere on how to do a keyboard input text parser, and I struggled to find any one source that showed from start to finish how to create a text parser.

Oh, I've known the code… I've created text adventures in Basic (qBasic, iirc), Pascal, C, Java, Python, etc. I even coded one up in Clipper, if you'd believe it! dBase 3 usage at its finest *cough*. But all of those were command line games. I'd never done any GUI based games.

So through hours of trial and error, I have gotten enough of a grasp to put together a rudimentary Unity/C# based text adventure, and am using that along side a YouTube tutorial series I am creating, to hopefully help other game authors create games faster, rather than spending hours trying to track this down.

Not sure how much this knowledge is needed, as these sorts of games have fallen away to history, but if you are nostalgic for the excellent games of the 1970's, 1980's and early 1990's, then this series might help.


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Dec 17, 2017
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Dec 17, 2017

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